Piggy Goes Down


Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.

Photo Credit: Amy Sancetta/AP



How did Isiah Thomas go from this…


…to this?:

“Bitch, I don’t give a (expletive) about these white people.”

If he keeps up at his current rate, you should be able to find the Isiah hardcore hip-hop album in stores later this year.

For the Record, I Voted A

Lay all the facts out there, and let the public now and in the future pass their own judgment, if you ask me.

Marc Ecko lets the public decide the fate of the $750,000 HR#756 off the bat of Herr Bonds >> Link

AK47 & the Jazz: Parting Ways?

What do you think — do the Jazz do any of these trades for Andrei Kirilenko?

  • AK to Golden State, for Al Harrington and Sarunas Jasikevicius
  • AK to the Los Angeles Lakers, for Lamar Odom
  • AK and Jarron Collins to Phoenix, for Shawn Marion
  • AK to Sacramento, Mike Bibby and Francisco Garcia to the Los Angeles Clippers, Corey Maggette and Tim Thomas to Utah
  • AK and Paul Millsap to Chicago for Ben Wallace
  • AK and Jarron Collins to Washington for Antawn Jamison

More AK coverage over at TrueHoop >> Link

An Ode to the Fantasy Nation

Big Daddy Drew from KSK on Deadspin for his weekly Thursday Afternoon NFL Dick Joke Jamboroo:

You know who cares about your fantasy team? I do. I care. I care a super whole lot! If I’m at a cocktail party, and I’ve got the choice between talking to some fucking lawyer about patent litigation and some guy talking about his fantasy team, not only am I taking the fantasy guy, I’m getting his number and arranging a mandate for the next week. Fuck that lawyer right in the pants.

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